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Mortiis – Eras 3cd box


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Superb value 3 CD box set that brings together Mortiis’s (Emperor) three early albums that show his dark ambient / industrial beginnings with ‘Fodt Til A Herske’ through to the far more accessible and alike to his later work ‘The Stargate’. Only available in this reverse opening bookshelf box for a limited time this is the great way to introduce you to one of the Norwegian music scenes greats and at a stunning price how can you resist!

The Stargate – 1999
The Stargate was the first of a four-album contract Mortiis signed with Earache. The music is rich in layered synth compositions that are as dramatic as they are morose. Mortiis is a keyboard ghoul adept at crafting a dungeon-drone. These soundscapes immediately bring to mind the sylvan, fantasy landscape of tall, spindly, dead trees obscuring a hidden, crumbling castle. One can imagine just such a vision in Mortiis’ native Norway. From the “darkest depths of Mordor” Mortiis summons and masters the sighing spirits (present as the voices of disembodied, female plainchanters) of ambient doom.

Crypt Of The Wizard – 1996
Mortiis inaugurated a new distribution and release deal with Earache that included reissues of scarce material with Crypt of The Wizard. The cult keyboard composer creates dense, eerie synthesizer pieces. Previously, this former member of Emperor shared his output only with a dedicated following. This album makes available material from a limited edition 12″ series.

Fodt Til A Herske – 1995
Usually dressed in an elf, troll, or goblin costume (sometimes complete with bat wings and skull codpiece), the mysterious Mortiis was an indispensable force in the genesis of Norway’s epic Viking metal sound. As the original bassist of Norwegian black metal pioneers Emperor, Mortiis was credited with stimulating the group’s interest in blending furiously chaotic black metal with haunting synthesizer melodies often based loosely on Norwegian folk, thus laying the groundwork for a sound that would dominate underground metal over the next decade. However, for all his impact, Mortiis was only with the group for a very short time; he played on their 1992 Wrath of the Tyrant demo, a split release with Enslaved titled Hordanes Land, and a 7″ single, “As the Shadows Rise,” but never an official full-length album. Mortiis left Emperor rather abruptly in 1993 to pursue a solo career; still only 18 years old, he moved to Halmstad, Sweden, where he formed his own Dark Dungeon label. His 1993 solo debut, Fodt Til A Herske, was a surprising departure from Emperor’s relentless intensity, and in fact from guitar-oriented music altogether; instead, Mortiis worked primarily with electronic instruments, creating a sorrowful, sinister ambience with more than a hint of goth rock. The dark wave ambient music of this album will bring to mind a cold weather midnight sun ritual looking over an expansive fjord.

Track listing:
The Stargate – 1999
1. Child Of Curiosity And The Old Man Of Knowledge
2. I Am The World
3. World Essence
4. Across The World Of Wonders
5. (Passing By) And Old And Raped Village
6. Towards The Gates Of The Stars
7. Spirit Of Conquest – The Warfare
8. Army Of Conquest – The Warfare (Ever Onwards)

Crypt Of The Wizard – 1996
1. Ferden Og Kallet
2. Da Vibygde Tarnet
3. Under Tarnets Skygge
4. En Sirkel Av Kosmisk Kaos
5. Vandrerens Sang
6. Den Bortdrevne Regnbuen
7. Trollmannens Krypt
8. Stjernefodt
9. I Morket Drommende
10. Fanget I Krystal

Fodt Til A Herske – 1995
1. Fodt Til A Herske Part I
2. Fodt Til A Herske Part II

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