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Mortiis -Some Kind Of Heroine dlp


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Double album on black vinyls with gatefold cover and 4 bonus tracks not on the cd version

Ambitious remix project from Mortiis titled Some Kind Of Heroin. The album takes tracks from the last studio album The Grudge and radically overhauls them. Featuring brand new exclusive re-workings and remixes from a variety of artists involved in the industrial, goth and darkwave scenes Includes collaborations with the likes of The Kovenant, PIG, Zombie Girls, In the Nursery, Velvet Acid Christ, Funker Vogt and more Will appeal to traditional Mortiis fanbase as well as fans of Nine Inch Nails, Rammstein, Apoptygma Bezerk, KMFDM, Front 242

Track list:
1. Underdog-Zombie Girl remix
2. The Grudge-Gothminister mix
3. Twist The Knife-The Gibbering mix by Implant
4. Broken Skin-Septic Wound mix by XP8 feat. Stephan Groth
5. The Grudge-Mental Siege mix
6. Gibber-PIG remix
7. Way Too Wicked-Rape, Dope and the American Way mix by The Kovenant
8. Gibber-Lysergic Club mix by Velvet Acid Christ
9. Worst In Me-Girls Under Glass mix
10. The Grudge-David Wallace remix
11. Broken Skin-Funker Vogt remix feat. Stephan Groth
12. The Grudge-Emotional Heresy by Kubrick
13. Decadent And Desperate-Therafuck remix by Dope Stars
14. Gibber-Gibbering Idiot
15. Way Too Wicked-Absinthium mix
16. The Worst In Me-Extraction mix by In the Nursery
17. Decadent And Desperate-Flickin The Bitch Switch Mix
18. The Grudge (Despectus)
19. Underdog
20. Gibber (Gibbering Idot)
21. Way Too Wicked-Absinthium mix

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