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Mortuary –Blackened Images/The Labyrinth cd


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Korean edition with OBI-strip with 3 bonus tracks. Limited 1000 copies

In 1992, a fledgling new underground label out of Massachusetts (later of Indianapolis, Indiana), with the cooperation of Turbo U.S.A., gave a young Mexican band named Mortuary a chance to be heard, when they released the band’s debut Blackened Images. Judging by the thank list in the liner notes, the Mexican death metal underground was thriving in the early 90s and Mortuary were a good choice for the label to sign. Blackened Images is actually more death thrash than straight death metal. The band most recall the early work of Sepultura, and this is a good thing, as the band took the road less traveled for 1992 (most bands were more apt to mimic Cannibal Corpse during this time). So for most of the part, the material is very energetic and interesting death thrash that went against the grain of what everyone else was doing at the time. Blackened Images was recorded at a small studio in Monterrey, Mexico and I must say that the band (who also in part produced the album) achieved a really good sound. Overall this is a blistering album which perfectly blends late-80’s speed metal with early death metal. Get this album while it is still available, because if you’re an extreme metal fan and pass this one up, you will be eternally damned by the metal gods. One of the finer examples of Mexican thrash metal. This Korean edition comes with 3 bonus tracks from The Labyrinth 1992 demo.

Track list:
1. Abyss Angel
2. Sickish Disease
3. Sacrilegious
4. Asphyxiation
5. Reign Of Dead
6. Blood Storm
7. Rites Of Death
8. Blackened Images
9. The Arrival-The Labyrinth demo 1992
10. Visualize The End-The Labyrinth demo 1992
11. The Labyrinth-The Labyrinth demo 1992

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