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Mortuary Drape -Tolling 13 Knell dlp [original]


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Rare original 2001 press on black vinyl. Limited 555 copies

Alessandria, Italy occult black metal merchants Mortuary Drape debuted with the 1986 Doom Return demo. A further effort Necromancy followed three years later. The bands influences are often citing as far back as the 70’s but also some of the the early black metal bands are mentioned. Vocalist Wildness Perversion and bassist Old Necromancer have always been the pivotal members of Mortuary Drape with a constant ever flowing cast of side members. Their third full length album Tolling 13 Knell and for a band that has been around since around 1986 or so, Italys Mortuary Drape has proven to be most unprolific over the years, releasing three albums since their inception. However, what they lack in a speedy release schedule they more than make up for with their unique brand of blackened thrash that all the little demons of the metal world could appreciate. This third album is a refreshing breath of dank dungeon air in this commercial age and the long-time devotees will recognize the classic ‘Drape sound polished up and surprisingly lively, yet retaining the infernal darkness so prized on their early rituals. Mortuary Drape is a combination of heavy metal sentiment with utterly necro riffing where the atmosphere is of prime value. This is a hugely accomplished band both technically and in terms of songwriting and they have injected old-school thrash/black metal with their own unique style. The addictiveness and utter originality of this band simply cannot be overstated. This is another excellent album from these masters of occult black metal, and should not be missed. Its a pity that we dont see more bands like this, but then again, its futile to compete with Mortuary Drape.

Track listing:
1. Dreadful Discovery
2. Liar Jubileum
3. Vertical
4. Not Stillborn (The Unborn Plane)
5. Laylah
6. Winged Priestess
7. The Last Supper
8. Birth’s End
9. Defuncts
10. Lantern
11. Pentagram
12. Undead Revenge
13. Obscure World
14. Soul In Sorrow

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