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Mötley Crue ‎–Shout At The Monsters dcd


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Double cd in digipak cover featuring 3 Monsters Of Rock shows. Limited 100 copies

The 1984 Monsters Of Rock Festival Tour is often hailed as the best ever single-day festival by those who know best: the fans who were there. Monsters Of Rock promoters Maurice Jones and Paul Loasby reckon 1984’s bill that went on at the Donington show – AC/DC, Van Halen, Ozzy Osbourne, Gary Moore, Y&T, Accept, Motley Crue – is the best Donington ever saw. To me, that is still the Donington bill, even though we had a bigger crowd in ’88, Maurice asserts. Ac/dc, to me, have something absolutely unique. For kicking-arse rock’n’roll, I don’t think there’s a band in the world that can get near them. Paul says: We actually ran out of tickets to sell. That’s how many people turned up. About 13,000 turned up on the day out of a total crowd of 65,000. At the time, these were unprecedented walk-ups. We did 34,000 tickets in the last three days. I suppose people leave it late because they know they can always get tickets, but for a long while we thought we were going to go down the tubes with that show. When you’re three days away from the gig and you’ve only sold 30,000 tickets, it gets your heart thumping a bit, I can tell you. This double cd features Motley Crue’s opening set at three of those festivals Donington, Karlsruhe and Nurnberg. Motley Crue is probably the biggest band ever to open a Monsters show. They certainly got the best reaction any first-on has had and so pleased were they with it that bassman Nikki Sixx lobbed his treasured instrument, at Donington, from the stage to the fans as a gift. Unfortunately, the guy it hit was rendered unconscious by the impact and spent the rest of the show in hospital. Crue’s singer Vince Neil said after the Donington set: Opening the show is the hardest part of all, but we went out there and hit them before they had a chance to breathe. We gave them 125 decibels at the speed of light. Motley Crue were Contrary bastards even back then. They sure didn’t work from the same script as the organiser. The band came on earlier than expected and surprised an unsuspecting crowd, most of whom were still straggling into the arena. With two albums to their name and only about half an hour to make an impact, they battled against the legendary crosswinds and even without the benefit of any stage show, took the crowd by the scruff of the neck. This album takes you back to that memorable tour when the bad boys in Motley introduced us to their world. We’d never really felt clean again after that! Turn up the volume and scream Fuck Yeah.

Track list:
1. In The Beginning-Donington 18th of August 1984
2. Bastard-Donington 18th of August 1984
3. Knock Em Dead Kid-Donington 18th of August 1984
4. Shout At The Devil-Donington 18th of August 1984
5. Ten Seconds To Love-Donington 18th of August 1984
6. Piece Of Your Action-Donington 18th of August 1984
7. Red Hot-Donington 18th of August 1984
8. Looks That Kill-Donington 18th of August 1984
9. Live Wire-Donington 18th of August 1984
10. Helter Skelter-Donington 18th of August 1984
11. In The Beginning-Karlsruhe 1st of September 1984
12. Bastard-Karlsruhe 1st of September 1984
13. Knock Em Dead Kid-Karlsruhe 1st of September 1984
14. Shout At The Devil-Karlsruhe 1st of September 1984
15. Ten Seconds To Love-Karlsruhe 1st of September 1984
16. Piece Of Your Action-Karlsruhe 1st of September 1984
17. Red Hot-Karlsruhe 1st of September 1984
18. Looks That Kill-Karlsruhe 1st of September 1984
19. Live Wire-Karlsruhe 1st of September 1984
20. Helter Skelter-Karlsruhe 1st of September 1984
21. In The Beginning-Nurnberg 2nd of September 1984
22. Bastard-Nurnberg 2nd of September 1984
23. Knock Em Dead Kid-Nurnberg 2nd of September 1984
24. Shout At The Devil-Nurnberg 2nd of September 1984
25. Ten Seconds To Love-Nurnberg 2nd of September 1984
26. Piece Of Your Action-Nurnberg 2nd of September 1984
27. Red Hot-Nurnberg 2nd of September 1984
28. Looks That Kill-Nurnberg 2nd of September 1984
29. Live Wire-Nurnberg 2nd of September 1984
30. Helter Skelter-Nurnberg 2nd of September 1984

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