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Mötley Crue -Raw Tracks mlp [japan]


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Japan only album with OBI-strip and lyric insert

After Motley Crüe enjoyed worldwide multi-platinum success with Girls, Girls, Girls, Elektra issued the ‘Raw Tracks’ EP in Japan as a thank-you to fans. Of course, the disc quickly became a much sought-after collectible, since it contained some rare recordings. In addition to ‘Knock ‘Em Dead Kid’ (from Shout At The Devil), the EP has two cuts from the original Leathur release of Too Fast for Love, ‘Live Wire’ and ‘Piece Of Your Action’, which have a rawer, leaner mix than the Elektra reissue. There are also two remixed hits, ‘Home Sweet Home’ and ‘Too Young to Fall in Love’ but the differences between these versions and the original album tracks are insignificant. The one true rarity here is an otherwise unavailable live version of ‘Smokin’ in the Boys Room’, which, even after many archival collections and compilations, remains rare. So even hardcore collectors that have tracked down the Leathur album need to get this to complete the collection.

Track list:
1. Live Wire-Leathur mix
2. Piece Of Your Action-Leathur mix
3. Too Young To Fall In Love-remix
4. Knock em Dead, Kid-remix
5. Home Sweet Home-remix
6. Smokin In The Boys Room-Brownsville Station cover-live

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