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Mötley Crue -Theatre Of Pain lp


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40th anniversary remastered edition on black vinyl

Backing away from the mild pseudo-Satanic posturing on parts of Shout at the Devil in favor of a more glammed-up image, Motley Crue really began to hit their commercial stride with Theatre of Pain, which broke them on MTV with the power ballad Home Sweet Home and a remake of Brownsville Station’s Smokin In The Boys Room the latter also landed them on the Top 40 singles chart for the first time. The record is slicker and more arranged, polished for mainstream acceptance and airplay. A higher percentage of dull filler has crept into the song writing, but there are still enough high points to rescue the album’s momentum.

Track listing:
1. City Boy Blues
2. Smokin In The Boys Room-Brownsville Station cover
3. Louder Than Hell
4. Keep Your Eye On The Money
5. Home Sweet Home
6. Tonight (We Need A Lover)
7. Use It Or Lose It
8. Save Our Souls
9. Raise Your Hands To Rock
10. Fight For Your Rights

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