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Mötley Crue -Too Fast For Love lp


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40th anniversary remastered edition on black vinyl

On their debut album, Mötley Crue essentially comes across as a bash-’em-out bar band, making up in enthusiasm what they lack in technical skill. Yet that’s part of the appeal of Too Fast for Love, a chance to hear the band without the glossy production of their later, most popular work, showcasing their down-and-dirty roots. The fact that pop-metal songwriting was not really a consideration helps the album come off as more genuinely trashy and sleazy, celebrating its own grime with exuberant zest. This is the Crue playing it lean and mean, effortlessly capturing the tough swagger that often came off a bit more calculated in later years, and it’s one of their most invigorating records. Originally released independently on November 10, 1981 on the band’s Leathür Records label, the album was produced by Michael Wagener. With some parts re-recorded, it was re-mixed by Roy Thomas Baker, re-mastered & re-released on August 20, 1982 on Elektra Records in the US and WEA internationally. While the album only reached #77 on the Billboard 200 album chart in the US, the album would ultimately reach platinum status. Musically, the album mixes elements of punk rock, glam rock and heavy metal. The cover is a tribute to The Rolling Stones’ album Sticky Fingers.

Track listing:
1. Live Wire
2. Come On And Dance
3. Public Enemy No. 1
4. Merry Go Round
5. Take Me To The Top
6. Piece Of Your Action
7. Sleazy Eyes
8. Too Fast For Love
9. On With The Show

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