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Motorhead -Masters Of Rock Ace Of Spades cd


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This German compilation album spans material from 1979 through 1984, which many would say was the bands prime years. Many of the classic Motorhead tracks would be penned during these years. You will of course miss some of your personal favorites, as with any compilation, but you do have classics such as Ace Of Spades, Overkill, Damage Case and Killed By Death. This was released in 1992 as a low price collection and fans that arent familiar with the band could buy this one and hear if the music of Lemmy and Co is something you want to delve deeper into.

Track list:
1. Ace Of Spades-from Ace Of Spades 1980
2. Talking Head-from Bomber 1979
3. Damage Case-from Overkill 1979
4. Go To Hell-from Iron Fist 1982
5. Overkill-from Overkill 1979
6. Speedfreak-from Iron Fist 1982
7. Shoot You In The Back-from Ace Of Spades 1980
8. The Hammer-from Ace Of Spades 1980
9. Jailbait-from Ace Of Spades 1980
10. Killed By Death-from Killed By Death single 1984
11. Dancin On Your Grave-from Another Perfect Day 1983
12. Like A Nightmare-from No Class single 1979
13. Die You Bastard-from Another Perfect Day 1983
14. Motörhead-live

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Ariola Express/BMG Records

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291 002-200