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Motorhead -We Are Motörhead lp


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2019 BMG edition on black vinyl

The ’90s witnessed a surprising and somewhat overlooked renaissance for Lemmy Kilmister and Motörhead, starting with 1991’s 1916. The follow-up, March or Die, was woefully subpar and overly commercial, and many dismissed 1916 as a fluke and gave the band up for dead. However, Motörhead then embarked on a run of quality albums for smaller, lower-profile labels; Bastards, Sacrifice, and Overnight Sensation were surprisingly consistent, written and performed with conviction in the classic Motörhead style. The band slipped a bit with 1998’s Snake Bite Love, but have thankfully stormed into the new millennium in top form. We Are Motörhead maintains the generally high standard of the band’s second decade, and while there aren’t many speed-freak theatrics (exception: opener “See Me Burning”), the grimy attitude that’s always driven their best work is fully intact. Pared back down to a trio, Kilmister and company deliver a tight, blistering set that’s both well-executed and typical of Motörhead’s long since established sound. There are no real revelations here, except perhaps that Kilmister still hasn’t lost anything to age; of course, longtime fans will be happy to have yet another fine Motörhead record to add to the collection.

Track list:
1. See Me Burning
2. Slow Dance
3. Stay Out Of Jail
4. God Save The Queen
5. Out To Lunch
6. Wake The Dead
7. One More Fucking Time
8. Stagefright
9. Crash and Burn
10. (Wearing Your) Heart On Your Sleeve
11. We Are Motorhead

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