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Moulettes ‎–Preternatural lp


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Black vinyl with lyric insert

Moulettes are a Brighton based British band of Björk, Frank Zappa and Gentle Giant loving multi-instrumentalists that weave in and out of several genres with 3 part harmony female vocals, amplified Cello, distorted Bassoon, Auto-Harp, Guitar, Drums, Bass and Synths into an incomparable alt.pop/rock/folk universe. Since the success of Constellations (No.7 Indie Charts, Spiral Earth Best Album 2014), Bajian Irish Londoner Raevennan Husbandes has joined the band on Vocals and Electric Guitar. With this new line-up the band have made their fourth Album Preternatural. Anyone harbouring the lazy notion that Moulettes are just a mildly eccentric folk rock group will be firmly disavowed a few seconds into sprightly opener Behemooth. emboldened by a dainty skip into the thud n clank of off-kilter electronica, Moulettes are once again reborn. What remains from earlier works are the sublime vocal harmonies, lyrical mischief and gleeful blending of incisive pop melodies with arrangements that are as intricate as any revered prog epic. This time, however, that formula has produced an album that brims with so many brilliant ideas that no genre tag could contain it. Lead vocalist and principal songwriter Hannah Miller must reach national treasure status soon; her personality and wild imagination drive Preternatural forward, albeit supported by one of the most thrillingly nimble musical ensembles the UK has produced in decades. This brilliant band just became even more remarkable.

Track list:
1. Behemooth
2. Underwaterpainter
3. Coral
4. Hidden World (Halicephalobus Mephisto)
5. Pufferfish Love
6. Patterns
7. Rite Of Passage
8. Medusa
9. Parasite
10. Bird Of Paradise (Part II)
11. Silk

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