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Mournful Congregation / Otesanek / Loss / Orthodox -Split dlp


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Double album on black vinyls with gatefold cover

When a 4-track album needs to be pressed as a double album then you know that it wont sound like Ramones. The Four Burials split is for you that loves Doom, Funeral Doom and Drone. First out is the sludge funeral doom act Otesanek from Philadelphia which has a song that consists of extremely slow riffs. The doom act Loss from Nashville are out next with a track that runs for 14 minutes. Distorted funeral doom with low death growls. The intro feels a bit repeted and too long but after that comes one of the bands best songs. Orthodox from Seville in Spain has a loyal following and its always interesting to hear what they have come up with. This is an avant-garde doom that arent afraid of going all kinds of place even adding free jazz influences. The track is extremely slow and relaxed and feels more like an interlude than a doom track. Australian doom metal act Mournful Congregation are always enjoyable. Such an equal measure of being both beautiful, somber and mournful at the same time. The music her is as somber as they always are but with a warm feeling. The track is minimalist in the extreme, but the imagery created by the music is powerful enough that this couldn’t matter less. So all in all this show four quite different kind of doom metal, ranging from the sensitively melodic, to the beautiful, to the depressed, and to the crushing. There is more than enough variety on this to keep you interested, and the split flows very well as a whole, as opposed to being merely as a collection of singles like so many other split releases.

Track list:
1. Otesanek -Seven Are They
2. Loss -(To Pass Away) Death March Towards My Ruin
3. Orthodox -Heritage
4. Mournful Congregation -Left Unspoken

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