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MSBR & Blazen Y Sharp ‎–Mass For Dead Insects cd [japan]


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Very rare original first press with handmade cover. Manufactured in Italy for Koji’s Japanese label

The music on here is sinister subterranean echoes of malevolent machinery. This is a collaboration between Koji Tano’s (R.I.P 2005) M.S.B.R. From Japan and John Sharp’s Blazen Y Sharp. It was initially released in 1997 with handmade covers on Koji’s own MSBR Records in 1997 and then re-released a year later with printed covers. If you love the sound of machines and experimental electronic sound then check this out

Track list:
1. MSBR And Blazen Y Sharp -Flax Back Spit
2. MSBR -Greyzone
3. Blazen Y Sharp -Ibassifondi
4. MSBR And Blazen Y Sharp -Straw Man Special
5. Blazen Y Sharp -Balungan
6. MSBR -Nightcrawler 1
7. MSBR And Blazen Y Sharp -Pretty Blue Fox
8. Blazen Y Sharp -Intonarumori
9. MSBR -Nightcrawler 2

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Gender-Less Kibbutz / MSBR Records

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GLK 09 / MR 19