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Muddy Waters -At Newport 1960 cd


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Muddy Waters At Newport was taped at the performance at the Newport Jazz Festival in Newport, Rhode Island back in 1960. Again we are treated with an opportunity to go back in time and hear Muddy Waters sing the blues. He must be considered one of the most influential artists in music history. He virtually created the blues band format, which shaped the post-war Chicago blues sound and laid the cornerstone of rock and roll. This great artist and his band used amplification to make the music more visceral and raw instead of simply making it a little louder and this defined the exact nature of the Chicago electric blues sound. So spin this one and revel in Chicago style blues.

Track list:
1. I Got My Brand On You
2. I’m Your Hoochie Coochie Man
3. Baby, Please Don’t Go
4. Soon Forgotten
5. Tiger In Your Tank
6. I Feel So Good
7. Got My Mojo Working
8. Got My Mojo Working Part 2
9. Goodbye Newport Blues

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