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Murder Corporation ‎–Kill mcd


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Very rare original 1997 Planet End Records release

Murder Corporation were a Swedish death metal act from Hjarup, Sweden made up from guitarist Johan Axelsson, bassist Dan Bengtsson and drummer Rikard Wermén from Deranged and fronted by ex-Megaslaughter vocalist Emil Lilic. Kill was their second mini album and it was released in 1997 with this lovely Love Gun cover artwork. This is old school brutal death metal with plenty of catchy riffs performed with lots of intensity. Kill is gruesome and rocks with the energy of punk and the anger of death metal. Another must have, goddamn!

Track list:
1. Violated (Only Rage Remains)
2. 9mm Lobotomy
3. Squeeze The Trigger
4. Nameless
5. Die Laughing
6. Dog Heaven

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