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Murder Squad -Ravenous Murderous cd


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This Stockholm based act includes some mammoths of the death metal scene. The lineup is Dismember bassist Richard Cabeza and vocalist Matti Karkki together with Entomed/Morbid guitarist Uffe Cederlund and Entombed/Nifelheim drummer Peter Stjarnvind. The goal with this band was to pay tribute to the heroes of their misspent youth – the almighty Autopsy. This Autopsy worshipping comes in full bloom on the second album ‘Ravenous, Murderous’ as the band have managed to get Chris Reifert to make a few guest spots on the album (contributing vocals, guitar work, and even receives songwriting credit). The final result is very much like the debut album: detuned and grimy and with a raw production. The album does a great job recreating the sound of the older and more well known death metal acts, it’s not the real thing; but pretty close. Unquestionably, any die hard fan of Entombed, Dismember, or any of Chris Reifert’s bands will probably love Murder Squad’s classic approach to a classic sound. And if you liked their debut album then there’s no reason you shouldn’t get this

Track list:
1. Ravenous, Murderous
2. I Am Eternal
3. Epidermal Massacre
4. Disturbing The Freaks
5. Spunkslut
6. Hellish Blasphemy
7. Shitstorm
8. Born In A Sewage
9. Army Of Maggots
10. Masterpiece In Morbidity
11. Homocide
12. Rising From The Ashes

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