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Musica Diablo -S/t cd


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Musica Diablo from Sao Paulo, Brazil, features vocalist Derrick Green, who’s been the frontman for Sepultura since 1997. Straightforward thrash metal with a blistering intensity and speed and features some cool dueling guitar solos — and Derrick Green’s raspy howls and guttural growls are skull-scrapingly vicious. Honestly, this surpasses most of the 98-current Sepultura music, and that’s not saying that Sepultura is bad music, it’s just that the intensity of Derrick’s vocals and the music rip it up a bit harder in the style of Municipal Waste, Nuclear Assault or Exodus.

Track list:
1. Sweet Revenge
2. Sacrifice
3. Live To Buy
4. Underlord
5. Workout
6. Lifeless
7. In The Name Of Green
8. Betrayed
9. The Flame Of Anger
10. Twisted Hate
11. The Rack

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SAOL 042