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Muskelrock Urstarka Låtar Nr 1 lp


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Black vinyl with printed innersleeve

A compilation album released to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Muskelrock Festival in 2018. Among the tracks on here we find an exclusively written track by Jon Mikl Thor called Hail To Muskelrock that he has recorded together with Bullet.

Track list:
1. Thor And Bullet -Hail To Muskelrock
2. Night Viper -Lady Bad Luck
3. Danava -At Midnight You Die
4. Metalucifer -Heavy Metal Samurai
5. Drakar -Posledni Krizova Vyprava
6. Ashbury -Vengeance
7. Honeymoon Disease -Fly Bird, Fly High
8. Mindless Sinner -I´m Gonna (Have Some Fun)
9. Helvetets Port -Hårdrockens Förkämpe
10. Lizzies -Talk Shit And Get Hit
11. Nifelheim -From Hell´s Vast Plains

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