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Mutilator -Live At Lemmys Bar lp


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Black vinyl with 4-page booklet and poster.

Straight from the hell of Belo Horizonte, Brazil and the merciless savagery of that city’s early metal scene, Mutilator stands as one of the rawest and most uncompromised offerings of true Brazilian Death-Thrashing brutality. The band made its name on the classic Warfare Noise 1 compilation and then followed it up with two classic albums on Cogumelo, Immortal Force (1987) and Into The Strange (1988). The band then disbanded in 1993 but were asked to do a reunion show in Belo Horizonte in April of 2018. Being back on stage felt much better than expected and the talk about doing something more started. However not all felt the same but the two Neves brothers; Rodrigo and Ricardo wouldnt let the idea die and they put together a new line-up for a full blown return in 2020. They re-recorded the classic Evil Conspiracy and Blood Storm. The two recordings proved that even after 3 decades, the blood was still boiling. And in the midst of the world pandemic, the band ended the year 2020 with a historic performance at Lemmys Bar in Belo Horizonte in Brazil on the 20th of December. This gig became the bands first live album and as bonus we also have the two re-recorded tracks.

Track list:
1. Intro/Evil Conspiracy
2. Immortal Force
3. Nuclear Holocaust
4. Bloodstorm
5. Brigade Of Hate
6. Tormented Soul
7. Believers Of Hell
8. Mutilator
9. Evil Conspiracy-2020 version
10. Bloodstorm-2021 version

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