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My Dying Bride -As The Flower Withers lp


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2013 press on black vinyl

Like Tool and Type O Negative before them, My Dying Bride fuses heavy metal with the deep, foreboding sense of gloom that informed mid-’80s goth-rock. As the Flower Withers, My Dying Bride’s debut album, is a self-consciously tortured set of slow, unbearably heavy and morbid heavy metal. It’s an album that’s not about songs — it’s about sounds and textures and for fans of self-obsessed, apocolyptic metal, As the Flower Withers ain’t that bad.

Track listing:
1. Silent Dance
2. Sear Me
3. The Forever People
4. The Bitterness And The Bereavement
5. Vast Choirs
6. The Return Of The Beautiful

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