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My Dying Bride -The Barghest O Whitby 12″


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Black vinyl with printed innersleeve

My Dying Bride has been the leading light of doom metal since their debut album As the Flower Withers was released on Peaceville Records back in 1992. Influenced by acts such as Celtic Frost and Candlemass, the bands heavy atmospherics have carved a huge worldwide following over the years and they remain at the pinnacle of the genre. ‘The Barghest O Whitby’ was recorded at Futureworks Studios, Manchester with long-time production partner and engineer, Mags. The release is the first to feature violin/keyboardist Shaun Macgowan, and sees the return of Shaun Winter Taylor Steels to the drum-stool for this recording. The cover artwork for ‘The Barghest O Whitby’ also appears courtesy of vocalist, Aaron Stainthorpe. The track itself is an epic 25 minute journey through a chilling tale of superstition and folklore with music that is the epitome of poetic grace and funeral soundscapes from one of gothic doom’s most celebrated acts. Following the release of ‘Evinta’ in which the band marked 20 years of existence with a release of symphonic compositions re-imagining past the band themes, My Dying Bride present their latest chapter in the form of this EP ‘The Barghest O Whitby’.

Track list:
1. The Barghest O Whitby Part 1
2. The Barghest O Whitby Part 2

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