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Mysticum ‎–Lost Masters Of The Universe dlp


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Double album with gatefold cover

Norwegian industrial black metal act Mysticum began life as a trio under the name Sabazios and released two demos. The two demos led to an agreement with Euronymous and his record label Deathlike Silence and prior to recording of the scheduled album the name change to Mysticum ensued. The band’s plans were thrown into disarray with the murder of Euronymous. It would take another year before any official release was made and that was a split single with Ulver (a band that Robin Mean Malmberg were involved with at the same time). Their first album was released in 1995 and they recorded a second album Planet Satan the year after but that was never released. One of the tracks from the unreleased second album was released as a split single. In 1998 the band contributed two tracks to tribute albums. In 2004 a private self financed compilation cd was released that was re-released in 2013 by Peaceville. If you cant find the original demos then this is really a Mysticum album you need. This was one of black metal’s most unique bands and it a shame that they went by almost entirely unnoticed. My guess is that it all had been different if their debut album had been released before the tragic death of Euronymous. Maybe they had have the same cult status as many of their Norwegian colleagues.

Track list:
1. Intro-Wintermass demo 92
2. The Rest-Wintermass demo 92
3. Wintermass-Wintermass demo 92
4. Mourning-Wintermass demo 92
5. Father Beyond-Wintermass demo 92
6. Forces Of Darkness-Wintermass demo 92
7. Outro-Wintermass demo 92
8. Demons Never Sleep-Medusas Tears demo 93
9. Into My Crypt Of Fear-Medusas Tears demo 93
10. The Shattered Soul-Medusas Tears demo 93
11. The Grave Of Petrified Souls-Medusas Tears demo 93
12. Mourning-from the split single with Ulver 94
13. The Rest-Piss Off promo tape 95
14. Where The Raven Flies-Piss Off promo tape 95
15. Wintermass-Piss Off promo tape 95
16. Kingdom Comes-Piss Off promo tape 95
17. In Your Grave-Piss Off promo tape 95

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