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Mystique –Black Rider cd


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2016 re-issue with 3 bonus tracks. Limited 500 copies

Mystique was a Canadian 80s metal band from the Hamilton/Toronto area. The would release Black Rider, that is one of the most obscure Canadian metal albums of all time, yes rarer than Black Knight. The album comes with a great black and white cover artwork that just speaks in volumes about how good and obscure this must be. When the intro has passed then you’re almost surprised how melodic the band sounds. That hammond organ gives it a 70s sound especially on the opening track as well as on the last track Wake Up Screaming. When the hammond sound is held back in the background then it sounds very much like the hard rock music that came out from Scandinavian around the time. This official reissue features their 7” and their I Am King demo as bonus tracks.

Track list:
1. Beyond The Four Winds
2. Black Rider
3. No Return
4. Memories
5. Wake Up Screamin
6. Stone Cold Crazy
7. Rock n Roll Party Tonite
8. Prelude: Opus 1
9. I Am The King
10. Standing On The Firing Line

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