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MZ.412 (Maschinenzimmer 412) -Ulvens Broder 10″


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Black vinyl 10” single. Limited 412 copies

This single features 3 cuts from the Svartmyrkr opus. Notice by the way the vinyl is available in 3 different edits. The opening piece is a heavy fusion between martial-, dark-ambient and industrial music. The next piece is more into drones while featuring spooky voices. The B-side cut features Tomas Pettersson (Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio). This is the most elaborated cut, which is mainly driven by industrial elements and cold, spoken vocal parts. Mz.412 remains a truly reference in a music genre they’re still considered to have invented. I don’t care about definitions and especially when a work featuring only 3 cuts is that diversified. But the strength of Henrik Nordvargr Björkk always is to remain focused on the project he’s working on. So you can notice typical arrangements and oppressive atmospheres recovering all the tracks and, which are that typical for Mz.412. I remain a great admirer of his creation, mixing industrial, drones and ambient music. Mz.412 has created its own sound, which once again takes us back to an imaginary, obscure universe. It always is an obscure travel, which in the end makes you feel comfortable. Hell is waiting and it clearly looks as a sweet perspective.

Track list:
1. Ulvens Broder
2. The Father Uncreated
3. Algiz (Konvergence Of Life And Death 2018)

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