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Nachtmystium ‎–Eulogy IV mlp


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Reduced price due to cover having small ringwear and bent corner

2004 press with 3 bonus tracks

This album was absolutely revelatory. Eulogy IV isnt a proper album but an E.P.clocking in at about 38 minutes. Pretty much everything about this record is kick ass. Its an ushering in of a new era for Nachtmystium. Not content anymore to exist in the narrow confines of raw black metal, Eulogy IV finds main man Azentrius and crew really diving into blackened psychedelia. The songs are cohesive and catchy. The melodic hooks are filled with emotional angst and drown the listener in melancholy. And finally, lets talk about the solos. The solos. Blues-infused, pentatonic brilliance! They’re really more like classic rock solos than black metal solos, but somehow amazingly, it works! The album closes with two covers, a Burzum cover from the Aske e.p., the song “Stemmen Fra Tarnet”. Nachtmystium is joined by Lord Imperial from Chicago black metallers, Krieg and N.I.L.. Stemmen Fra Tarnet ist Krieg! The other cover is kinda from left field, but served with equal aplomb. It is an Earth song from the Pentastar album. This just serves as another example of Nachtmystium’s awesome ability to defiantly assimilate influences not-traditionally associated with black metal.

Track list:
1. My Vengeance
2. Eulogy IV
3. Bleed For Thee
4. The Wound Which Cannot Heal
5. You Get Nothing
6. Kronet -ldjarn cover
7. Bak To Lysemde Oyne-Ildjarn cover
8. Satanic Blood-VON cover

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