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Nachtmystium -Instinct Decay lp [clear]


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Canadian 2006 press on clear vinyl with printed innersleeve. Limited 350 copies

Nachtmystium have been dwelling within the U.S. black metal underground for a period of time in which this enigma have clearly spearheaded themselves as one of North Americas most prominent acts within the scene. Where in the beginning, we witnessed the band portray a bleak sound-picture by incorporating the many facets that became synonymous with the brand of traditional, raw and primitive black metal that was surfacing from these shores, it was quite evident that the promise that such an act showed in its early stages, was just a mere warning of what was inevitably to come. Surely though, Nachtmystium have always shown their distinct histrionics on their interpretation on how they liked to portray their black metal art. Through morose and mournful hymns that displayed a scenario where sadness and hatred were the two dominating emotions that bled from band leader Azentrius instrument, this vision that he has conjured up many years ago, has reached its phoenix with the surfacing of the observation, Instinct:Decay. With outside influences such as Pink Floyd (a prominent influential artist consistent within Nachtmystiums repertoire, Earth, and even Sunn 0))), such influences that have been incorporated within the Nachtmystium sound have helped take this bands sound to new levels and new perspectives respectively. Overall, Instinct:Decay will future solidify the bands position within the U.S. black metal elite alongside other black metal artists as Xasthur, Leviathan and Krieg, artists in which Nachtmystium share a comradeship with, all while re-defining, and re-shaping, the future of black metal.

Track list:
1. Instinct
2. A Seed For Suffering
3. Keep Them Open
4. Chosen By No One
5. Circumvention
6. The Antichrist Messiah
7. Eternal Ground
8. Heres To Hoping
9. Abstract Nihilism
10. Decay

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