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Nachtmystium -The First Attacks Demos 2000-2001 lp


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Black vinyl with lyric insert. Limited 666 numbered copies

A filthy and raw blast of garage death metal–if there is such a thing The First Attacks captures the first demos and recordings of Chicago extreme metallers Nachtmystium. Years before they began embracing black-hole psychedelic on classics like Assassins Black Meddle part 1, the quartet was committing aural assaults like Holocaust of Eternity and Infernal Fury to four-track tape. The First Attacks collects these early demos, gems from the unreleased Unholy Terrorist Cult sessions, and early split single tracks in one place with remastered sound. The highlights are many (and brutal)–particularly the closer Goatblood Sabbath, a previously unreleased track recorded before their debut album.

Track listing:
1. Intro
2. Holocaust Of Eternity
3. Under The Horns Of Darkness
4. Hymn Of Hatred Part I
5. Hymn Of Hatred Part II
6. Infernal Fury
7. Reign Of The Malicious
8. May Darkness Consume The Earth
9. Hans Siste Vinter-Darkthrone cover
10. Within Damnations Gates
11. Mockery Of The Fallen Saviour
12. Lust For War
13. Goatblood Sabbath

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