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Napalm Death ‎–From Enslavement To Obliteration lp


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FDR mastered on black vinyl with printed innersleeve.

Its a familiar story. Four young men with astounding clarity of vision are brought together by the spirit of creative lifeforce and combine their common love of music, in the process recording an album which becomes a yardstick for a genre, the starting point for a new musical movement, an awakening of creative consciousness, a defining moment in the artistic oeuvre. No one involved with this album could have possibly imagined the influence they would all have on extreme music. Vocalist Lee Dorrian now fronts Cathedral. Guitarist Bill Steer went to Carcass full time. Drummer Mick Harris helped create the almighty Godflesh and a plethora of other experimental extreme musical projects. Bass player Shane Embury has stayed with Napalm Death, and has been a leading figure in shaping the direction of most things extreme since. This album put Earache Records on the mainstream horizon when the album debuted at #1 on the UK Indie Charts. This led Earache to be featured on the NME front cover and led to radio sessions with noted BBC Radio 1 DJ John Peel.

Track list:
1. Evolved As One
2. It’s A Man’s World
3. Lurid Fairytale
4. Private Death
5. Impressions
6. Unchallenged Hate
7. Uncertainty Blurs The Vision
8. Cock Rock Alienation
9. Retreat To Nowhere
10. Think For A Minute
11. Display To Me
12. From Enslavement To Obliteration
13. Blind To The Truth
14. Social Sterility
15. Emotional Suffocation
16. Practice What You Preach
17. Inconceivable
18. Worlds Apart
19. Obstinate Direction
20. Mentally Murdered
21. Sometimes
22. Make Way
23. Musclehead
24. Your Achievement
25. Dead
26. Morbid Deceiver
27. The Curse
28. Scum
29. Life?
30. Retreat To Nowhere
31. Internal Animosity

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