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Napalm Death ‎–Utilitarian cd


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Still sealed 2021 re-issue

Utilitarian is an in-your-face razor-edged platter of social, cultural and political commentary. Think for yourself, liberate yourself and do not end up feeding the machine that all too willingly eats you up! This album runs the gamut from straight-ahead violence and force to pure, undiluted Napalm Death induced chaos that overall provides a well-rounded bloodletting that’s nothing for the weak.

Track list:
1. Circumspect
2. Errors In The Signals
3. Everyday Pox
4. Protection Racket
5. The Wolf I Feed
6. Quarantined
7. Fall On Their Swords
8. Collision Course
9. Orders Of Magnitude
10. Think Tank Trials
11. Blank Look About Face
12. Leper Colony
13. Nom De Guerre
14. Analysis Paralysis
15. Opposites Repellent
16. A Gag Reflex

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