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Napalm Death – Time Waits For No Slave lp


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2021 re-issue on black vinyl

27 years of ultra-grindcore violence, 27 years of being one of the hardest working, hardest touring bands on this miserable planet, Napalm Deaths conviction, energy and belief in honest, outspoken yet extreme music is far from being watered down. Time Waits For No Slave, the bands 13th studio album (excluding the cover album Leaders Not Followers Pt.2) marks no exception as long as this is a world gone wrong, Napalm Death wiill be utilizing their artistic arsenal to attack those in charge, no matter if their fanaticism stems from a political, religious or simply greedy motivation. On Time Waits For No Slave the legendary fathers of grindcore explore fundamental aspects of our so-called modern life and point out that ideas of servitude are still existent in the allegedly tolerant, liberal society we live in. Despite the old cliché that we are living in the 21st century for one thing, women are still sneered at, treated like second-class citizens and viewed in some quarters as baby machines rather than beings in their own right. Giving up our own ideals wishes and desires to fit into the all too tight conventions still prevalent today might be a very general sounding subject, but the question is: if our freedom is true to the meaning of the word, this is something that affects us all. Once again, Napalm Deaths concerns are released through intense, devastatingly brutal songs that venture into groovier, neckbreaking mid-tempo passages to allow the listener to take a breath before vicious blast beats pummel you out of existence. This limited vinyl edition also includes a cd of the complete album including two bonus tracks not available on the vinyl edition. One of the bonus tracks Omnipresent Knife In Your Back sees bassist Embury also handling the guitars, Mitch Harris switching from guitars to drums and drummer Danny Herrera on bass.

Track listing:
1. Strong-Arm
2. Diktat
3. Work To Rule
4. On The Brink Of Extinction
5. Time Waits For No Slave
6. Life And Limb
7. Downbeat Clique
8. Fallacy Dominion
9. Passive Tense
10. Larceny Of The Heart
11. Procrastination On The Empty Vessel
12. Feeling Redundant
13. A No-Sided Argument
14. De-evolution Ad Nauseum

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