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Nasty Bulletz -Right Time To Rock You cd


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You look at the pictures of the band and their stage names of Axl Vanity, Mad Murry, Pete The Beast(s)t Lewis, Randy Rock, Rexx Tiger and you wonder if this for real or some kind of Bad News comedy group, or Germany’s answer to Steel Panther. When the band performs live they ad a lot of covers from their 80s glam, sleaze and hair metal heroes. The band dont live up to any of their heroes but they do seem to have fun and their music sounds like Crazy Lixx meets Hardcore Superstar. The band traveled to Sunset Strip in Hollywood to play at the famous Whiskey A Go Go. The band have tried to record the perfect soundtrack to an 80s hard rock party and fans of the Swedish mentioned bands as well as American acts such as Dokken, Poison, Ratt or Cinderella will definitely find things here on the Nasty Bulletz debut album that they will like.

Track list:
1. Really Gonna Rock
2. Deal With The Devil
3. Tonight Is The Night
4. Keep Breaking My Heart
5. Girl Is Mine
6. Make Me Stay
7. Right Between The Eyes
8. Kissing You Goodbye
9. Got to Do It Tonight
10. Loaded Gun
11. First Strike
12. Rock You

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