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Nattverd –Vandring lp


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Black vinyl with printed innersleeve. Limited 200 copies

Nattverd is a black metal band from Bergen, Norway. Formed in 2010 by guitarist Atyr and vocalist Ormr. Their debut album, Vi Vet Gud Er En Logner, was released in 2017 and after that the band started working on a trilogy about the plague, Black death, that took a third of all Norwegians in 1349. It started with the EP Skuggen in 2019 and was followed by the album Styggdom in 2020 and ended with Vandring in 2020. The final part of the trilogy sees the b and pushing the boundaries even more and the end of the trilogy is probably the most aggressive and at the same time the most melancholic. A great and epic end to this grand story. If youre into traditional black metal, cold, nasty and filled with fury and hate then check this out. The band also makes occasional foray into more atmospheric and melodic realms which just keeps the whole thing interesting and original.

Track list:
1. Det Bloer Paa Alt Som Spirer
2. Martyrer Av Kristus
3. Naar Taaken Fortaerer Alt
4. Med Rive Og Lime
5. I Moerket Slumrer Ravnen
6. Gudsmenn Deres Svik Erkjenn
7. Det Visker I Veggene
8. Langt Der Borte I Det Fjerne

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