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Nattverd –Vi Vet Gud Er En Logner lp


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Black vinyl. Limited 199 copies

The debut album, Vi Vet Gud Er En Logner, from the Norwegian act Nattverd is traditional, orthodox black metal, influenced by the second wave and featuring the darkest and foulest strains of the blackened plague. Nattverd probably dont care about whether you listen to them or not, but the plain and simple fact is that you should, as this is an album of bold confidence and malevolent allure. The songs combine dark fury, grim atmospherics, and scathing melodies into a surprisingly varied and well-differentiated collection of tracks. Whether the songs are blasting at full speed, galloping ahead with lethal intent, or settling into a malignant groove, they’re always well-written and spend their playing time wisely. This is a magic release that hopefully will be a future classic. Pure old-school class.

Track list:
1. Der Tronen Blender, Vender Vi Oss Mot Morket
2. Nattverd
3. Du Gudfryktige Orm
4. Stille Som Stein
5. Lucifers Blod
6. Sielen I Brann
7. Vi Vet Gud Er En Logner
8. Hill Satan

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