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Necrodeath – Fragments Of Insanity


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Thrash metal bands from the southern Europe were not too numerous back then, therefore Necrodeath provide some nice perspective to the past with their debut release �Into The Macabre� with its blackened thrash metal, particularly interesting for its apparent influence on modern black metal bands. Their second album �Fragments Of Insanity� from 1989 however differs from their debut like night and day. Whereas the band's debut sounded rather primitive and disjointed, Fragments Of Insanity is a perfectly controlled and refined album that doesn't sacrifice any speed or intensity in the process. Saying that some development had happened would be a serious understatement. Despite more advanced songwriting and some added complexity, the band sound here just as intense as ever but without any of the debut album's defects left. The improved production values only do justice to the thrilling vocals and accurate playing. It's hard to pick any individual tracks over the others as the album on the whole is very consistent and equally memorable. With some great riffs and tight arrangements, this album turns out to be a little masterpiece in its own right. In some way it feels like Possessed's �Beyond The Gates�, but Necrodeath's effort is a lot more stylish and convincing. �Fragments Of Insanity� easily deserves a place among the more classic releases. 2007 re-release Track listing: 1. Choose Your Death 2. Thanatoid 3. State of Progressive Annihilation 4. Metempsychosis 5. Fragments of Insanity 6. Enter My Subconscious 7. Stillbirth 8. Eucharistical Sacrifice

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