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Necrogod -In Extremis cd


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Still sealed digipak with metallic effect.

Do you remember Necrogod? The project where death metal overlord Rogga Johansson teamed up with Master Butcher, the scathing vocalist from Costa Rican legends Insepulto and Morbid Stench. They released the mini album The Inexorable Death Reign back in 2015. Then it went rather quite before they showed their ugly face again in 2021 with In Extremis. Whats surprising with this album is that it features some of Rogga Johansson heaviest riffs so far, and this is a man that has written more than a few during his entire career. The music takes the best elements of Swedish and American death metal to create a truly fearsome record without parallel. The Master Butcher roars like never before. For fans of Undeath, Grave, Paganizer, Cannibal Corpse, Broken Hope, Baphomet, Of Feather And Bone and Malignant Altar.

Track list:
1. Bringers Of Blasphemy
2. In Mortal Confinement
3. The Brutal Path (Straight To Hell)
4. Remain The Same Again
5. The Obsessive And The Deranged
6. The Moribund Saints
7. When Madness Has Taken Control
8. In The Reign Of Gore
9. Transcending To Persist

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