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Necromancy –Ananta Aradhana lp


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Black vinyl with lyric insert. Limited 200 copies

This is another Swedish band with a really unoriginal name. Yet, like Antichrist and Tribulation, Necromancy make up for that lack of creativity with high levels of Swedish charm and spunk. This Stockholm based black metal act performs some sort of Bathory meets Master’s Hammer with some psychedelic doom touch instead of choosing the orthodox style of Watain. This sort of music thrives on its rawness; once it becomes polished all magic is gone. Their two demos; Rites Of Necromancy (2009) and Magic Alchemy Occultism (2010), had its charm and its great to see the band following this up with a rather enjoyable album. Some of the band members ran the death metal act Putrid at the same time.

Track list:
1. Two Way Monolith
2. From The Gloomy Soil
3. Through Dreams Through Realms
4. Canyon Of Dark Mists
5. Ahamkara
6. Amongst My Ruins
7. A Lost Longing
8. Blue Vision

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