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Necromantia -Cutts Of The Shadow dcd


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Double cd in digipak cover

Cutts Of The Shadow features Necromantia’s first two albums. Their debut, Crossing The Fiery Path, was as astonishing back then as it is now, is the fact that they use 8-string bass instead of electric guitars, which makes their sound unique and immediately recognizable. Necromantia’s use of keyboards and spoken parts added to the atmosphere, making the production’s defects non-important. Tracks like Lord Of The Abyss, The Warlock and Last Song For Valderie will make the hair on your backbone rise, even though at some parts this seems to take place in expense of technique and variety. Stylish Mediterranean acoustic bass instrumentals and ambient interludes give this a distinct Greek feel – a celebration of the Hellenic spirit and its eagerness to seek wisdom and experience in the face of human mortality and the morbid nature of our irrational existence, finding beauty amongst the sadness of death and honour amongst the desolate ruins of Life. This voice from the ancient past inspires us to reach towards the infinite possibilities of life and combined with Necromantia’s strong sense of the occult inspires us to look to death to liberate us from the clutches of purposelessness. Herein Life is given a new meaning. For the strong soul this is a truly freeing experience, for the weak this is but an interruption in a life full of empty gesture. If anything, the message here is simple; find courage and venture into the unknown and you will find meaning behind the veils of Death. Crossing The Fiery Path is a very interesting and original record, with many underdeveloped, yet promising ideas. The band then followed it with, Scarlet Evil Witching Black. An album that showcases their unusual brand of ritualistic, grandiose, and somewhat experimental black metal in full force. The group’s sound, driven by the intentionally sloppy dual bass riffing of Baron Blood and frontman Magus Wampyr Daoloth, is fundamentally raw and crusty, yet also melodic and carefully orchestrated, featuring symphonic keyboards and synthesized string sections, vocal choirs, and, on The Arcane Light of Hecate, tympanis and saxophones. The album actually opens with a passage from Auld Lang Syne” played on a music box and backed by sweeping wind sounds — a puzzling move. The songwriting covers on a wide span of heavy metal history, from an obvious early-’70s era Black Sabbath homage (Black Mirror) to the classically tinged ’80s metal on Scarlet Witching Dreams, with plenty of dirty Celtic Frost/Darkthrone-type riffs also present. The vocals — a mix of standard black metal hissing and pomp-laden spoken/incanted passages — don’t contribute anything melody-wise, but the instrumental parts are almost unashamedly tuneful.

Track list:
Cd 1: Crossing The Fiery Path
1. The Vampire Lord Speaks
2. The Warlock
3. Last Song For Valderie
4. Unchaining The Wolf (Al War…)
5. Intro
6. Les Litanies De Satan
7. Lord Of The Abyss
8. Tribes Of The Moon
9. Death Rider-Omen cover

Cd 2: Scarlet Evil Witching Black
1. Devilskin
2. Black Mirror
3. Pretender To The Throne (Opus 1: The Userper’s Spawn)
4. The Arcane Light Of Hecate
5. Scarlet Witching Screams
6. The Serpent And The Pentagram
7. Pretender To The Throne (Opus 2: Battle At The Netherworld)
8. Spiritdance

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