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Necromutilator -Eucharistic Mutilations lp


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Black vinyl with gatefold cover and poster. Limited 400 copies

Necromutilator is an Italian trio who performs bestial black/death metal spawned in the deepest pit of Hell. The album is entitled “Eucharistic Mutilations” and contains 9 songs, one of which is a pretty decent cover version of Bathory’s immortal classic “13 Candles”. Generally speaking, the music is downright ugly and nasty to listen to, and I must confess that I find it quite catchy and entertaining. The songs do have a certain atmosphere and vibe to them that I find strangely appealing, and the album as a whole manages to evoke a somewhat dark, foul, and sinister mood that makes for an interesting listen. The thrash metal undertones that are present throughout the album add a bit of diversity and dynamics to the whole thing, and the rotten vocals fit in nicely and are quite convincing.

Track list:
1. Steams Of Armageddon
2. Fuck With Darkness
3. Horned Rites Of Bestiality
4. Deathblast
5. Wounds After The Nightmare
6. Sadistik Nekromancer
7. Black Punishment
8. Hell’s Blackest Fire
9. 13 Candles-Bathory cover

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