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Necrophobic ‎–Dawn Of The Damned lp [yellow]


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Yellow vinyl with gatefold cover. Limited 200 copies

Dawn Of The Damned might very well be Necrophobic’s most diverse and elaborate album to date. The album is full of hymnal and powerful riffs which create an awesome atmosphere for the whole album. Its full of interesting guitars, novel arrangements, and red threads in the songs. People, who like driving death metal with a touch of epicness and a large bunch of black metal should try Dawn Of The Damned.

Track list:
1. Aphelion
2. Darkness Be My Guide
3. Mirror Black
4. Tartarian Winds
5. The Infernal Depths Of Eternity
6. Dawn Of The Damned
7. The Shadows
8. As The Fire Burns
9. The Return Of A Long Lost Soul
10. Devils Spawn Attack

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