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Necrophobic ‎–Hrimthursum lp [white]


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2022 reissue on white vinyl with gatefold cover, poster and insert. Limited 1000 copies

In November 2005, Necrophobic entered the studio to record their most epic album of all time. The music on Hrimthursum is the most varied to date, both musically and lyrically. It’s a journey you will never want to leave. Necrophobic has always stayed true to their style and will do as long as the band will exist. Black and Death Metal with infusion of darkness this is music that surely bring chills down your spine. Put this album on and find yourselves getting possessed with them.

Track list:
1. The Slaughter Of Baby Jesus
2. Blinded By Light, Enlightened By Darkness
3. I Strike With Wrath
4. Age Of Chaos
5. Bloodshed Eyes
6. The Crossing
7. Eternal Winter
8. Death Immaculate
9. Sitra Ahra
10. Serpents (Beneath The Forest Of The Dead)
11. Black Hate
12. Hrimthursum

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