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Necrophobic ‎–Satanic Blasphemies lp


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2022 re-issue on black vinyl with poster and two bonus tracks

Necrophobic is one of very few bands left from the early Swedish black/death metal underground scene that is still going strong and is today considered a cult act from those days, also a source for inspiration for new and upcoming acts of the scene of today. Necrophobic sold impressing approximately around 8000 copies altogether of the 2 demos and the vinyl-EP during the years 1990 to 1992. This album includes the two demos and The Call single as well as two bonus rehearsal tracks.

Track listing:
1. Slow Asphyxiation
2. Realm Of Terror
3. Retaliation
4. Sacrificial Rites
5. Unholy Prophecies
6. Inborn Evil
7. Shadows Of The Moon
8. The Ancients Gate
9. Father Of Creation
10. Infernal Souls-rehearsals 1989
11. Realm Of Terror-rehearsals 1989

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