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Necropolis –Contemplating Slaughter lp


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Original 1988 Us press

Lots of mad dash thrash here on Necropolis’s one and only album, Contemplating Slaughter. The foursome ride thrash’s jagged spark that was starting to lose some of its serration to the style’s more clinical sheen that had come around about this time. When flying along fully blown, things are blustery, unshaven, and even disheveled like a relentless storm. Unlike some others in the scene Necropolis succeeded in maintaining a respectable energy level throughout the album. Dark Despair must be the most memorable piece on the whole thing with its great chorus, whereas Ashes To Ashes and Killing Kranium are good examples of totally relentless pounding, never losing the high tempo even though the result does not tend to stick to your head. Contemplating Slaughter is more curious than the single dimension it could’ve been and what was probably anticipated by many, but is still one of the hundreds to hurriedly soar over most peoples’ heads unheard.

Track list:
1. Dark Despair
2. Waters Of Lathe
3. Ashes To Ashes
4. Contemplating Slaughter
5. Killing Kranium
6. Surrender To Death
7. Froze In Fear
8. Cease To Exist

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