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Necropsy –Buried In The Woods cd


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Legendary Finnish deathsters, Necropsy, was reunited in 2008 and released their first full length album in 2011. Their follow up album, Buried In The Woods, was released in 2015 and its a joyful death metal album. Brutal yes but it feels like everything is in a nearly perfect shape now. Catchy songs with barbed hooks always were a virtue of Necropsy, but they never showed this ability in a better way than here. The opening title track already breaks necks, ‘Cold Fart Morbidity’ and ‘Just Sharpen My Knife’ do so as well, especially the latter with the ultra-fast pounding drums embedded in the groove. But these songs are only paving the way for two real highlights. ‘Dead Inherit The Land’ is one of those tracks you just put on repeat with its deadly leads. And ‘Full Moon Catlin’ is of the same quality, a musical rollercoaster ride where Slayer meets the old school of Death Metal in Sweden. Huge! And don’t think ‘Pages Of Flesh’ is a flaw against those two breaker songs – those doom grooves are just killer! With ‘Best Day Ever’ we may not have the best song ever, but still another good and variable Death Metal song that leaves you time to catch some breath again before the end. And this end packs a punch! Bang your heads to ‘Father Heresy’, for the main groove of this song is perfectly fit for that, before the end of the song even gets a little spooky. Yes, with this album, Necropsy really kick serious asses, so if youre into death metal then it will be a huge mistake not to press the buy it now button right now.

Track list:
1. Buried In The Woods
2. Cold Fart Morbidity
3. Just Sharpen My Knife
4. Dead Inherit The Land
5. Full Moon Catlin
6. Pages Of Flesh
7. Best Day Ever
8. Father Heresy

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