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Necros Christos –Trivne Impvrity Rite dlp


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Double album on black vinyls with gatefold cover, booklet, poster and sticker

German death doom act Necros Christos is a band that has won some respected in the underground due to their intelligent and eerie compositions and what sets this band apart is their slower tempos and frequent ethnic instrumental interludes which add a rich flavor to the heavily interwoven, cascading, riffs which form their bulk. Darkness. Damnation. Death is a phrase of alliteration that describes Necros Christos pretty much to the point. And finally, after a handful of demos, EPs and splits, we have the first album from the band. This album lives up to everything the band created for themselves in terms of a name and image, and has really set up Necros Christos to be leaders in the movement of great modern occult death and dark ambient metal. Necros Christos are truly innovators at what they do, so keep and eye on them.

Track list:
1. Daemonomantic Fog Lay Upon The Tombs Of Succoth
2. Christ Was Not Of Goatborn Blood
3. Tormented Flesh On The Mount Of Crucifixion
4. Last Rite Of Christ
5. Va Koram Do Rex Satan
6. Black Mass Desecration
7. Impure Burials Prevail
8. Deathless In Spiritual Evil
9. I. Skulldoom Of Sumer (Darkness)
10. II. Nazarethical Ram Of Bethlehem (Damnation)
11. III. Blasphemous Graves Open At The End Of Days (Death)

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