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Necrot ‎–Mortal MC


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Official InCoffin Production pressed cassette. Silver cassette with red print. Limited 100 copies

Death metal is probably in its best shape since the the glorious old days. New bands such as Blood Incantation, Skeletal Remains and several others has been breathing new life into this old corpse while several of the old masters still delivers great albums. One of the newcomers is Necrot from Oakland, Californa who started out in 2011. Their 2017’s debut, Blood Offerings, offered a bombastic offering of punk meets old school death metal and their sophomore offering, Mortal, feels like a logical evolution of their sound. Across the seven songs on offer here, there is rarely a dull moment as the trio go for the jugular and rarely let the intensity dip for a moment. Mortal is a record full of character and expertly crafted death metal, just have a neck brace ready, you’ll definitely need one.

Track list:
1. Your Hell
2. Dying Life
3. Stench Of Decay
4. Asleep Forever
5. Sinister Will
6. Malevolent Intentions
7. Mortal

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