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Nefandus -Your God Is A Ghost mlp


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Black vinyl with printed innersleeve

Nefandus is a two man project from Sweden. The drummer is from Ofermod and Serpent Noir, so you already know this is going to be good. There is something about two man black metal projects that just speak to everyone with such a clear message. Sometimes having a full band creates too many ideas and loses direction. It’s good to be diverse but it’s also very important to be calculated with self expression. There is no build up, there is no intro… it’s just all out war. Crown of Labour and Strength, starts the album off and leaves no room for preparation. It’s always a treat when albums blast off right from the beginning. Sometimes drawn out intro’s water down your excitement for the record and could leave you skipping around. It has a nice dynamic of drawn out passages to fast moving phrases with quick shifts in direction. Temptress of Thantifaxath, completely shifts gears from black metal to doom. Sounds like some serious Black Sabbath worship. Which obviously is always a good thing. The last two tracks give you a nice mix of black metal and death metal. The album has very fluid tremelo sections and diverse song structures. The vocals sound like a withered and dying soul. He has killer raspy vocals and also has a choir style of singing that is a bit haunting. This is a nice change of pace compared to Ofermod’s unrelenting force. Not filled with too much emotion but extremely well thought out song writing that stays fresh the whole time. This is twenty minutes of the best example of short and sweet. Turn it up, sit back, and enjoy.

Track listing:
1. Crown Of Labour And Strength
2. Temptress Of Thantifaxath
3. This One Is For God
4. Your God Is A Ghost (Come Into My Light)

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