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Negative Reaction -Tales From The Insomniac cd


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Ah, New Yorks finest commodity; Negative Reaction. Self-proclaimed sludge champions and home to the one-of-a-kind persona Ken E. Bones. Their fifth studio album Tales from the Insomniac brings back a wealth of the psych/stoner sheen present on older releases while not forsaking the all out war of its direct predecessor. Fresh blood is present in Aaron Habers sedimentary low-end while the drumming of the man named The Extraterrestrial has got a surplus of busy, getup and go down in his bunker. Generally speaking, this album relays almost exclusively on a very primal and brooding sludge/stoner groove, something very reminiscent of Electric Wizard’s Let us Prey, and does it in a very efficient and headbangable manner. In fact, professionalism and efficiency are all over this release, something I couldn’t expect less from a band with such a vast experience behind their backs. That being said, it is also apparent that this band has given up ahead on upbringing something new to this genre, thus ending up just on the better side of stoner doom generics: the listening of this album is thoroughly enjoyable and much of this we an thank Aaron Lewis and his Room 7008 studio for. The production is excellent and the louder you crank this album up, the more the album’s depth really comes into focus, as does the depth and shade of Aaron’s production, since he certainly harnessed Negative Reactions powerful tones with their proper thickness. In the end, Tales From The Insomniac is essential nutrition for anyone on a diet of strict, psychedelic sludge.

Track listing:
1. Go Die
2. Sleep Clinic
3. Worthless Human
4. A Wish to Dream
5. Wildchilds Dillusion
6. Falling Upon Deaf Ears
7. Hatin Life Again
8. The Ancient Secret of War
9. When Theyre Gone

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