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Negative Reaction / When The Deadbolt Breaks -Split cd


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Long-time New York super-sludge scumbags Negative Reaction duke it out with Connecticut avant-doom crushcore cretins When The Deadbolt Breaks. This is a killer split all around. The Deadbolt side is incredibly powerful and both bands bond together for a cover of Black Sabbath’s ‘Hand Of Doom’. It is about ten times heavier than the original and of course delivered with an obviously more brutal intent, taking a few liberties with the source material. Ken E. Bones contributes vocals on this beast and it leads to a total cacophony that literally takes the original version, slices it open, rips out the guts and replaces it with the innards of When the Deadbolt Breaks while still nailing all of the key grooves and nuances that are easily identifiable. Interesting gambit for this split but it does pay off. The Negative Reaction side gives you a chance to join the band in various career highlights; so there is virtually something for everyone here. This is about as heavy and sludge as it gets. Keep away from cast iron furniture and impressionable youth.

Track Listing:
When The Deadbolt Breaks
1. Somewhere Between Murder And A Wet Dream
2. Glasseye
3. Spawn Of Black Moon
4. Fist Full Of Flowers And An Empty Handgun
5. Hand Of Doom-Black Sabbath cover

Negative Reaction
6. Loathing
7. Shroud
8. Price On A Head
9. Linger

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