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Nemesis –Tales of Creation lp


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Black vinyl with 16 page booklet. Limited 220 copies

Early in his career Leif Edling had an idea on making a concept album about the creation of the world. It sounds like a massive task and it would take several years before anyone finally would here the final result, one of the best concepts album in the world of heavy metal, Tales Of Creation. This was the last album Messiah would sing on until the reunion. Everyone was on top of their game on that album and I think Edling were satisfied with being able to pull together all his youthful ideas to one great album. Some of these ideas and tracks were demoed even before the creation of Candlemass while Edling were still pretty much alone in the final days of Nemesis. All these early 1985 demo versions can now be heard on this release in a new remastered form by Patrick Engel at Temple Of Disharmony. Dark Reflections On Existence, Under The Oak, Into The Unfathomed Tower, Somewhere In Nowhere and The Creation Song was all remade and reworked for the album Tales Of Creation. Under The Oak was even reworked twice as it was first put out on the bands debut Epicus Doomicus Metallicus. The Creation Song would later be called Tales Of Creation and the title for Dark Reflections On Existence would be shortened. These 1985 demos can be seen as one of the earliest incarnations of Candlemass. The vault of doom has been opened….enjoy.

Track list:
1. Dark Refelctions On Existence
2. Under The Oak
3. Into The Unfathomed Tower
4. Somewhere In Nowhere
5. The Creation Song

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