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Neptune –Legends From The North MC [3 cassette box]


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Cassette box. Limited 200 copies

Neptune is a Swedish heavy metal band formed in 1980. Although not as well-known as fellow countrymen Heavy Load, Mindless Sinner or Gotham City (with which Neptune in fact had several members in common with for a period of time), Neptune is still to this day consider one of the finest examples of Swedish steel. Another interesting fact is that Reine “Ray Alex” Alexandersson was intended to be the vocalist for Yngwie Malmsteen. This cassette box celebrates the band’s entire career, from the beginnings in 1980 to the well-received comeback album from 2020. In total, the three cassettes contain 38 songs, including several demo tracks that have never before been released to the public ear. The box features the following 3 tapes:

1. Join The Battle: 11 of Neptune’s finest demo recordings, recorded between 1982 and 1985. Contains many never before heard songs and recordings.
2. Land Of Northern: The songs that were intended to constitute Neptune’s never materialized debut album. Recorded between 1984 and 1987.
3. Northern Steel: The comeback album from 2020.

With an image and song writing style like a cross between Iron Maiden, Heavy Load and Manowar, the band penned some great classic heavy metal tunes and managed to gain a cult status among demo collectors and underground metal fans around the globe. This is not just another Swedish metal band. This is killer majestic Swedish steel that deserves a place up there with the best. Forever hail.

Track list:
Tape 1: Join The Battle
1. The Battle
2. Nightmare Special
3. Breaking It Up
4. I Can Feel The Power
5. What Os Life
6. Protector
7. A Child
8. Love Game
9. I Want You To Know
10. Enemies
11. Burglary Man

Tape 2: Land Of Northern
1. Protector
2. The Horse
3. A Child
4. Life Power
5. Lovegame
6. Ready To Fight
7. Hard To Be Right
8. Land Of Northern
9. East Side Of Town
10. Afraid Of The Beast
11. Poem
12. Enemies
13. Burglary Man

Tape 3: Northern Steel
1. The Prophecy
2. Viking Stone
3. Last Man Standing
4. Fallen Stations
5. Angels
6. Northern Steel
7. Black Rain
8. Run For Your Life
9. Land Of Northern
10. Seriously
11. Ruler Of The Sea
12. Vanheim
13. Northern Steel-metal edit
14. Fallen Nations-acoustic

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